Smoky Cabbage Salad

  • Date August 30, 2015
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My latest inspiration came from a bottle of liquid smoke. I was having some colleagues over for dinner and so of course thought, I know, why not invite a people over (some of whom I haven't met) and try a totally random new recipe? Not risky at all right? I love trying new recipes and I love getting feedback from new the smoky cabbage salad was trialled.....and success!

The concept is simple. You marinate the shredded red cabbage for at least 5 hours.Then you can really make any salad you want.....the first time I made this one, I layered cooked yellow and red beets, goat cheese, pea shoots, sprouts and dill. No dressing needed. The cabbage is so delicious and quite strong that any dressing would be overkill.  Suggestions from the taste testers included pine nuts and of course.....bacon.

I then made the salad again to make sure I had the base right! This time I layered on pea shoots, cucumber, pea shoots, black eyed peas, dill and prawns. After eating round two, I agree that pine nuts might be a winning addition!

I find red cabbage so visually appealing. Yet, I don't cook with it too much in salads as it can be tough and quite bitter. Now that I found good we go! 

Recipe for Smoky Cabbage Salad

It's really simple I can't believe I am making this one a recipe. Call it an idea and thank me later :)
Shred, dice, chop your red cabbage however you want it. I use around 1/2 head to 1 full head for a large salad. 

Mix together the following. I will use proportions so you can adjust for a single serving to a large serving:

  • 50% red wine vinegar
  • 20% rice vinegar
  • 20% lea and perrins
  • 10% liquid smoke
You can also throw in some fresh garlic and grated fresh ginger, salt and pepper. Toss the cabbage around and let soak, preferably over night or at a bare minimum for an hour or two. 

If you don't have any lea and perrins try soy sauce. 

Your cabbage should be all be covered and depending on the liquid smoke you use, it might smell a bit like bacon. Careful not to overload with the liquid smoke. A little goes a LONG way. It ends up looking very pink and red, so beautiful! 

To prepare your salad, remove from whatever dish you had been soaking it in. I like to "layer" my salads so I start with the cabbage. I try to not put in all of the remaining liquid from the dish, but since there is no dressing with this salad, you don't have to strain it or anything like that. I love adding pea shoots with cabbage. Such a great way to provide color and texture.

Husband Friendly Version

Serve with meat. In this case, I saw one or two of the husbands go back from seconds. That is a true win for me. I did not wine over one of the wives as she did NOT like the smoky taste. Can't win them all!

And even better, leftovers the next day tasted just as good!

How will you make the smokey cabbage salad? What layers will you use? What type of liquid smoke do you buy?


Autumn said...

Yum, yum...looks delicious! Where did you get that liquid smoke? I can't find a natural brand...that one looks great!

Erinn Pinky said...

I found this one at Winners Home sense of all places. They have such a great gluten free food section.